Dash accepted for payment on pre-paid mobile phone company Bitrefill

Digital payment currency Dash today announced its partnership with Bitrefill, the largest cryptocurrency top-up prepaid phone company, reaching more than 160 countries and supporting 600 operators worldwide, including Verizon Wireless, TMobile, and AT&T.

The partnership allows Dash customers to pay for their mobile recharge phone, bills, and vouchers for prepaid mobile services, and the gaming platform Steam, through Bitrefill’s platform.

Bitrefill, which currently supports Bitcoin and Litecoin as forms of payment, indicated strong demand from customers to integrate Dash due to its low fees, and near-instant transaction speeds.

Bradley Zastrow

“Dash’s ability to transact at near Visa-like speeds with our InstantSend feature, as well as enable double-spend protected transactions, make it ideal for commerce partners like Bitrefill,” Dash director of global business Bradley Zastrow said. “We offer a solution that eliminates fraud while also providing an extremely fast form of payment, critical to the user experience. As a bonus, Dash will soon be offering a 10 per cent discount when buying either phone or Steam vouchers using Dash through Bitrefill’s platform.”

Both companies currently boast significant, overlapping customer bases in several countries such as Venezuela, Chile, and Zimbabwe that are plagued by the effects of hyperinflation and insufficient financial services such as digital payments providers. The new partnership will help both companies continue their expansion in these critical markets, offering cheaper, more efficient alternative payment methods to users.

“We service underbanked communities around the world, and Dash’s InstantSend transactions and low fees will further help these communities,” Bitrefill CEO Sergej Kotliar said. “We look forward to working with the Dash community to make paying for prepaid mobile phones more affordable and efficient.”

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