William Mougayar

David Weild IV, William Mougayar among new members of XCHNG advisory board

Kochava Labs SEZC, a research and development subsidiary of Kochava, announced four new advisors to XCHNG, the open source blockchain framework for the digital advertising ecosystem:

  • David Weild IV, founder, chairman and CEO of Weild & Co., Inc. and former vice chairman of Nasdaq
  • William Mougayar, blockchain industry veteran and author of The Business Blockchain
  • Paran Johar, global CEO at Modern Marketing Summit, and
  • John Maffei, CEO of Matcherino.

“When it comes to blockchain platforms and related projects, an experienced, well-rounded team of advisors is critical to success,” Kochava CEO Charles Manning said. “David, William, Paran, and John bring deep knowledge spanning the markets and exchanges, blockchain, and marketing industries. The XCHNG vision of building a unified framework for digital advertising on the blockchain requires expert advice that covers all disciplines, including technical blockchain and development expertise, economic and crypto-economic theory, and deep experience in marketing and advertising.

“With XCHNG, we’re dedicated to building a platform that is centered around the next generation insertion order and constructing one of the fastest blockchain protocols in existence to handle the large transaction volumes represented in advertising.”

William Mougayar

Mr. Weild was a key figure in the public policy discussion around the JOBS Act that went into effect in 2013, a law intended to encourage the funding of small businesses across the United States. He contributes to Bloomberg, Financial Times, and The Economist, discussing the IPO market, job creation, and the American economy.

“The blockchain industry is growing by leaps and bounds, bringing new and disruptive solutions to markets,” Mr. Weild said. “Successful initiatives will consider all stakeholders right from inception—advertisers and consumers, their agents plus governing bodies. Importantly, governance and integrity are priorities at Kochava. For this reason, the team has had great success in building relationships with their partners. So, I am excited to be on board and eager to help Charles and his team drive XCHNG’s success.”

Mr. Johar’s Mobile Marketing Summit (MMS) facilitates mobile advertising conferences, bringing extensive advertising and marketing know-how to the industry. Prior to founding MMS, he was CMO at Jumptap, a targeted mobile advertising company.

Mr. Maffei brings more than 20 years of executive experience leading internet and mobile companies. As CEO of Matcherino, Maffei leads his team in building software that enables game publishers and tournament organizers to run successful esports events.

Mr. Mougayar is an advisor, investor, and mentor to blockchain and tech companies. He is a former special advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, an advisory board member for Coin Center, and a Board Member at OpenBazaar and Stratumn. Mr. Mougayar will be one of the keynote speakers at the fifth annual Kochava Mobile Summit, taking place Feb. 14-16 in Sandpoint, Idaho, along with former prosecutor for the US Department of Justice Kathryn Haun.

Considered the most valuable gathering of mobile industry experts, with more than 200 industry representatives and experts in attendance, this year’s summit focuses on the far-reaching transformative capabilities of blockchain on digital advertising. Haun will open the three-day Summit with her keynote on how blockchain can be used to fight against ad fraud. Mr. Mougayar will leverage his well-respected blockchain industry expertise to educate attendees about what blockchain is and how it transforms other industries.

“Fraud has become a costly part of campaigns for the advertising space,” Ms. Haun said. “Blockchain technology has the ability to help fight fraud, thereby improving and enhancing the digital ad buying experience for all players in the ecosystem. I’m looking forward to speaking at the Kochava event next week and to exploring the future of blockchain with industry experts and digital advertising veterans.”

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