Jaroslav Kacina

Blockchain firm SophiaTX updates 2018 roadmap

SophiaTX released an updated 2018 roadmap this week.

The company is developing its own blockchain platform purpose-built for integration with enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle. The team announced items planned for delivery in Q1 of 2018 are already complete and overall the project is almost two months ahead of schedule.

Since the end of their successful token generation event in late December, SophiaTX opened a pre-registration for their Early Adopters Program, which is intended for individuals interested in partnering with the team to prototype and develop SophiaTX-based applications. More than 3,000 individuals have pre-registered. The program is being finalized and will gradually be launched in late February and March .

“The testnet is available only via full registration. We will collaborate with participants in designing, building and using SophiaTX right way.“ SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav Kacina said.

The SophiaTX Marketplace is currently being designed and will be delivered ahead of schedule in May 2018. The primary reason for acceleration is significant demand in partnering and prototyping via the early adopters program but also due to direct interests of potential clients. The marketplace provides capability to collaborate more efficiently on larger scale.

The updated roadmap includes an official date for the SophiaTX Main Net, which is scheduled for release this July.

“Prior to releasing main net and making it available for use by our clients, we have to ensure proper testing, compliance, and certification.” Mr. Kacina said.

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