Oliver Bussman

Crypto Valley Conference a unique opportunity at key point in blockchain’s history

One of the global centres for blockchain technology is the Swiss canton of Zug, which from June 20-22 welcomes more than 600 industry participants to the Crypto Valley Conference, the leading research, development and innovation-centred conference focused on blockchain technology.

Taking place at the Theatre Casino, the Crypto Valley Conference is being organized by the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) in cooperation with the Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Melonport AG, a provider of blockchain software for asset management.

“In organizing Crypto Valley Conference 2018, we sought to reflect the unique composition of the rapidly growing Crypto Valley ecosystem and blockchain space more generally,” CVA president Oliver Bussman said. “With this in mind, we are bringing together leading researchers, developers, and innovators; as well as CEOs and CTOs from top universities, highly innovative start-ups, and more established companies.”

Mr. Bussman said that at 600 and growing by 50-100 members each month, the CVA is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world. Its membership is truly global and includes startups, established companies, academics and regulators.

“It’s a pretty successful movement,” Mr. Bussman said.

The Crypto Valley Conference is the first conference to be endorsed by IEEE Switzerland, a leading body for research excellence. It has also secured technical sponsorships from leading universities, including Stanford, MIT, ETH Zurich, EPFL and Imperial College.

“The best 20 will be at the conference in June,” Mr. Bussman said. “That’s pretty unique from my perspective for a conference.”

Oliver Bussman

Another unique feature of the conference is SICTIC Investor Day with Blockchain Challenge, a collaboration between the CVA and the Swiss ICT Investor Club, Mr. Bussman said. Startups compete for one of eight spots in a session where they make their best pitch to a panel of investors, blockchain experts, lawyers and entrepreneurs, with the winner receiving $30,000 from the CVA. Applications close on April 30.

“We hope to attract the most innovative, imaginative, and inspiring talents in our call for paper submissions (see the end of article), as well as the “SICTIC Investor Day with Blockchain Challenge,” Mr. Bussman said. “These papers will define the industry in the months and years ahead. They are not yet in execution but they will hit the startup community in the next 12-18 months.”

The conference offers both academic and business streams, Mr. Bussman said. They begin the day before the conference with business tutorials on the blockchain, smart contracts and use cases along with academic workshops on consensus protocols, and decentralized applications.

During the two-day conference, the business side addresses issues including the token economy, IoT, scalability and smart contract security while the academics tackle topics such as smart contract security. Speakers include Johann Schneider-Ammann (Swiss Federal Councillor), Professor Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell University), Stefan Thomas (CTO Ripple), Dr. Christian Cachin (IBM Hyperledger), David Sønstebø (CEO IOTA), Dr. Luka Müller (Co-Founder MME), Mona El Isa (CEO Melonport), Yanislav Malahov (Founder Æternity) and Daniel Gasteiger (CEO Procivis).

The conference also includes an exhibition floor featuring sponsors including Æternity, Ambrosus, Blockfreight, Blockmedx, Hedge, Luxoft, Melonport, Microsoft, MME, and Ripple.

In addition to the informal networking, there were be organized events including biking, receptions and an hour-long dinner on two boats on Lake Zug featuring an exhibition of the Lucerne School of Applied Sciences’ twin robots who are programmed to speak intelligently on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. If you want to stay an extra day you can catch the Zug Lakeside Festival, which draws 20,000 people every year.

Put it all together, from a unique collection of attendees from around the world to an idyllic setting and the Crypto Valley Conference is a must-attend event in the early history of the blockchain, Mr. Bussman concluded.

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