Matt Gillin
Matt Gillin

Relay Network launches automated, personalized CX tool CX Builder

Relay Network, the mobile engagement automation company for enterprise service providers, announced the release of its CX Builder portal, enabling businesses to design, configure, and automate personalized customer experiences within the Relay platform.

The enhanced platform will help enterprise businesses scale their customer support efforts and meet rising consumer expectations for efficient and effective service through mobile communications.

With Relay CX Builder, customer experience, marketing, product and digital strategy teams can accelerate mobile engagement without writing a line of code. CX Builder is a nimble and intuitive tool that empowers teams to quickly create and test journeys, make real-time updates, and optimize results based on individual customer needs.

For consumers, CX Builder delivers actionable mobile messages that link to personalized web pages. Unlike existing solutions, Relay does not require customers to download an app and it provides a complete history of their past interactions on a personalized, secure message feed.

Matt Gillin
Matt Gillin

“Relay believes in an effortless customer experience — proactively, automatically, and at scale. CX Builder takes that vision and makes it a reality for all businesses, across every facet of their CRM,” said Matt Gillin, co-founder and CEO of Relay Network.

“We’re helping large enterprises stay ahead in fiercely competitive industries and deliver new and improved customer experiences that achieve key KPIs without ripping and replacing or one-off fixes.”

“Most businesses have invested millions in customer engagement and servicing technologies, but still struggle to solve for the singular customer, singular experience,” CPO Lisa Guillaume said. “More often than not, these are the use cases that create high levels of customer frustration and inbound calls. The addition of Relay to a business’ customer engagement capabilities means they can easily solve ‘in-the-moment’ needs for all customers –our clients have seen a positive impact on customer satisfaction and retention as a result.”

CX Builder is part of Relay’s complete mobile engagement solution, which includes:

  • Relay Customer Onboarding: Establish a valid, ongoing mobile connection with customers, including managing TCPA-compliant consent and mobile number collection
  • Relay Customer Messaging: Augment customer communication capabilities with SMS notifications and a persistent, secure mobile message feed that delivers content as individualized experiences
  • Relay CX Builder: Access a user interface to manage customer information, build and launch dynamic journeys, and monitor success
  • Relay Integration Suite: Customer API suite to integrate into existing CRM platforms for triggering and synching data
  • Relay Pro Services: Professional services team to support every stage of the program, from design to measurement.

“At Independence, we are committed to providing our members timely and personalized service wherever they are,” said Koleen Cavanaugh, vice president of marketing at Independence Blue Cross. “With Relay we can create and deliver individualized solutions that save our members time and improve their experience.”

Businesses can use CX Builder as a standalone tool or leverage their APIs to integrate their existing CRM, marketing automation, or customer support platforms. CX Builder offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows users of any level of technical experience to create new journeys in just minutes, instead of waiting weeks for updates or being constrained by gaps in legacy systems.

CX Builder is now available to Relay Network customers across service industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, cable, energy, utilities and more. To learn more visit

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