myPINpad business development director David Poole
David Poole

MYPINPAD launches ‘PIN on Mobile’ product MPES

Following the release of PCI SSC’s new standard for software-based PIN entry on mobile devices for card payment acceptance, MYPINPAD, a provider of payments software authentication solutions, this week launched its revolutionary ‘PIN on Mobile’ product MPES.

MPES (MYPINPAD’s PIN Entry Solution) was developed to enhance and expand the current mPOS market offering to meet the growth in card acceptance points. It is a software-based PIN pad solution securely enabling PIN authentication on merchant mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as an alternative to traditional mPOS hardware-based solutions. Removing the need for a hardware-based PIN pad allows vendors to produce smaller, lower-cost card reading devices. By reducing the solution cost, a significant barrier to entry for merchants is removed.

MYPINPAD’s MPES technology is integrated into Datecs’ Bluelite Secure Card Reader (SCR) to provide merchants with a low cost, PCI compliant PoM payment acceptance solution.

MPES ensures when the PIN number is entered into the phone or tablet it is isolated and protected in accordance with the latest PCI SCC standard.

“Retailers the world over will appreciate the improved customer experience, reduced cost, logistical freedom and the flexibility of MYPINPAD’s PoM solution,” MYPINPAD’s global head of mobile POS solutions David Poole said. “As an increasing number of cloud-based business applications are accessed via tablets and phones it makes sense to ensure that payments can be securely processed and managed from these familiar and friendly devices.

“The adoption of PoM will also help grow the number of card acceptance outlets, especially for those SMEs that, to date, have been put off by the high cost of traditional payment devices. PoM will help boost global transactions volumes while enriching the in-store experience for consumers”.

MPES is compatible with Android and iOS touchscreen devices. It supports online and offline PIN and can work with all payment schemes. The solution works seamlessly with existing infrastructures and applications.

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