Toptal connects business with blockchain talent

Toptal, a global network of engineers, designers, and finance experts this week launched a new Blockchain Specialization. The on-demand service connects businesses to an elite, distributed network of blockchain talent who have gone through a rigorous vetting process focused on finding the highest level of blockchain engineers.

Since January 2017, Toptal client demand for blockchain expertise has increased by more than 700 per cent. And as reported at the North American Blockchain Conference, there are currently 14 job openings for each available blockchain engineer in the world.

Blockchain technology is driving innovation across many industries, from healthcare to energy and professional services. These applications can include breakthroughs in healthcare record management, renewable energy certificate trading, and supply chain management, but none of these will be possible over the long-term if the demand for qualified engineers is not met.

“Businesses, governments, and communities are built on trust. As such, any promise to use modern computing principles, such as blockchain, to transform how we achieve and apply trust is disruptive — perhaps on a historic scale,” said Eric Piscini, principal and global blockchain leader at Deloitte.

As enterprises and venture capitalists alike have provided capital and credibility to blockchain initiatives, the industry’s challenge becomes the pace at which the technology itself grows. For blockchain to succeed long-term, it will need a sustainable, accessible pool of elite blockchain talent.

“The entire blockchain industry is hitting a talent bottleneck,” said Luka Horvat, head of talent operations at Toptal. “Toptal’s world-class screening process, combined with specialist training for its existing elite developer network, will support future demand for blockchain talent at scale.”

Beyond providing access to elite talent, Toptal’s distributed model supports the unique decentralized nature of this technology, which calls for distributed communities and teams to ensure security. Its professionals come from more than 100 countries.

“Core developers and researchers should be employed by multiple companies or organizations,” Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said. “The knowledge of the technical considerations behind protocol upgrades must be democratized so that more people can feel comfortable participating in research discussions and criticizing protocol changes.”

Toptal’s specialized service will connect companies with freelance developers in a range of key blockchain domain areas, including distributed programming, cryptography, private blockchains, decentralized applications, smart contracts, and more.

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