Improving business processes

Business should be all about money, speed, and success. But this isn’t always the case for a lot of businesses, is it?

There are things going wrong left, right, and centre, so much so that it can often feel as though it is hard to keep your ship afloat. But with a few little tweaks here and there to your processes, we guarantee your business will run so much smoother. There’s just that many tools and services that businesses out there aren’t utilising, those are the ones that are going to fall behind. So if you feel like you need a bit of improvement across the board, have a read of our tips below.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most vital parts of a business. How you treat your customers, and how they feel about your company almost makes or breaks your business. Right from the very start, they should be your main focus.

One thing we can suggest to improve processes is invoicing. A lot of companies have to invoice for the products or services they sell, but not a lot of them do it very efficiently. There are invoice finance companies who will generate or receive an invoice from you, send it to the customer, and they deal with the chasing up of the invoice. It speeds things up, leaves a lot of your time free, and allows you to keep a better record of what is coming in and out of your company.

Another thing we can suggest is monitoring feedback that is left on websites such as LinkedIn, or maybe even your own website. A lot of it will be positive feedback, but there will be some areas that customers will comment on that they think you should improve. It should help to improve some of your other business processes if you take the feedback on board.


Production processes can usually be sped up by looking at your employees. A lot of them will become demotivated after a while of working for you, it is only natural.

So finding a way to keep them entertained and interested is vital. First, you need to create a bit of competition in the workplace. Set targets and rewards if those targets are met. Money makes everyone happy, so you could try using money first. Then you need to think of the actual products you’re producing. A lot of people don’t like to admit it, but machines do it better. Look to see if there are machines that can speed things up for you.


Marketing is something a lot of companies actually get wrong. They’ll push for aggressive campaigns that either won’t meet the target audience or will actually damage their company in the long run. We recommend using marketing consultants if you want to improve this process. It might be more costly, but they have the knowledge you need to push your marketing campaign, and hopefully bring in more custom.

They’ll have the knowledge to try different techniques that you might not have been able to as well.