Atos, Zonafide unite to fight ID theft and cybercrime

Zonafide, the mobile app leveraging blockchain and collaboration technology to ensure activities are secure and legitimate, today announced a partnership with Atos to help combat identity theft and cybercrime.

The partnership sees Atos assist their clients in the use of Zonafide’s blockchain-based technology to drive efficiencies and improve security when processing life events such as marriage and deaths. Atos’ clients span all major industries and sectors, including £3 billion of UK Government contracts ranging from the NS&I to the BBC.

Zonafide helps prevent fraud and cybercrime by securing activities – an important transaction such as a house purchase payment or updating personal details with a bank – using blockchain technology. Ultimately, Zonafide prevents things happening unless the individual wants them to, ensuring that Activities are secure and legitimate.

Zonafide reduces the friction in verifying transactions and increases efficiency. As Zonafide’s blockchain network is decentralized it avoids the inflexibility, costs and weaknesses embedded in centralized systems.

“This is a landmark partnership for Bonafide,” founder Paul Worrall said. “Atos provides our clients with the confidence that our blockchain-based solution has the commitment of established IT services companies. This partnership is also a recognition of the power of blockchain to disrupt traditional processes and legacy centralized systems currently used by most organizations.

“Whilst Zonafide will initially be used in activities relating to life events in register services in UK local government, there are many more potential applications that we look forward to working with Atos on.”

In addition to providing Zonafide’s software, the firm’s founders will also be hosting blockchain-focused workshops with Atos’ senior management, to further embed their knowledge of the technology’s potential and to discuss commercial opportunities.

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