DECENT’s ALAX a blockchain project for games, apps

Matej Michalko

DECENT, pioneers in the blockchain space with their own proprietary blockchain technology and platform, recently announced the launch of a new blockchain project for games and applications called ALAX. The project is a collaboration between DECENT and Dragonfly, a well established distribution platform for gaming apps.

ALAX’s blockchain-driven platform for games and apps is powered by DCore, DECENT’s proprietary blockchain technology and platform. As an integral part of the DECENT ecosystem, the technology boasts fast transactions, low fees, DPOS, and more, which will be utilized by ALAX. Purchases within the new platform, and the small fees for miners, will be fueled by DECENT’s crypto token DCT.

ALAX will take advantage of one of the main components of DCore which gives users the ability to create their own custom tokens based on DCT, similar to what ERC20 tokens do for Ethereum. While there are a number of ways to use custom tokens, for ALAX, these tokens will behave just like credit used in mobile payment processing, providing a familiar user experience for ALAX customers while at the same time enabling instant and direct payment settlement for developers and publishers on their platform.

DECENT founder and president Matej Michalko is directly involved with ALAX throughout every step of its life cycle and has high expectations for both DCore and ALAX.

“We hope that the partnership with Dragonfly, and our first go at the multi-billion dollar game/app market, will put DCore in the spotlight of this ever-growing industry,” Mr. Michalko said. “With ALAX, and our other partnerships, we aim to grab the attention of more blockchain related projects and showcase how DCore can benefit industries everywhere.”

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