Public blockchain platform Lisk relaunches

Lisk, the public blockchain platform that allows users to develop decentralized blockchain apps, underwent an official relaunch on Feb. 20 at an event bringing together an in-person audience of Lisk community members, media representatives, and  blockchain community members. Thousands tuned in online to the YouTube livestream.

The day was a major milestone in the Lisk development roadmap, and included the formal introduction of the blockchain platform’s new branded image, website, logo, product names, Lisk Academy and Lisk Hub – marking a number of significant developments ahead of the alpha-release of the Lisk Sidechain Development Kit (SDK).

CEO Max Kordek

CEO Max Kordek

“This event helped us better explain to our community what the future will bring, while also acknowledging the progress we have made since our initial launch in 2016,” co-founder and CEO Max Kordek said. “We really enjoyed  discussing the release of a host of new and exciting platform features as well as our renewed brand identity. We feel privileged to have grown as a team, with the most passionate community in the industry, and we can all feel we are on the cusp of something extraordinary.”

The relaunch was helped through Lisk’s collaboration with the Berlin-based strategy consultancy, development studio, and marketing agency, Lightcurve GmbH which an integral part of the Lisk Foundation, the non-profit organisation overseeing the Lisk project.

As part of the official relaunch and rebranding initiative, Lisk will unveil a new website and a new interactive Lisk Hub – incorporating a number of features from the former Lisk Nano and Lisk Explorer. Lisk Hub is an all-in-one solution for users to manage Lisk IDs, store and send LSK tokens, and vote for delegates. It combines functionality from the wallet and blockchain explorer. As part of Lisk’s goal to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly, Lisk Nano and Lisk Explorer will be phased out over time.

“We are excited to unveil our new website, user interface, and the recently designed Lisk App as part of our relaunch,” Mr. Kordek said. “These are important steps on our journey to developing a world-leading blockchain application platform and are a part of our evolution as a company, as we continue to strive to shape the future of blockchain applications and make the wealth of benefits they accrue accessible to all.”

The Lisk Academy debuted. It will serve as a one-stop-shop for blockchain education and information for non-developer and developer communities alike. The Lisk Academy features dedicated, simplified guides on blockchain development and use-cases, how-to video tutorials, and an array of additional information specifically designed to make blockchain accessible to those who do not have the technical expertise previously required to make sense of pioneering blockchain technology and its applications.