CoinShares’ new fund-of-funds fosters blockchain diversification

CoinShares this week unveiled The Blockchain Strategies Fund, a Luxembourg-domiciled, blockchain-focused fund-of-funds providing exposure to a broad array of components which comprise the crypto and larger blockchain economy.

The fund will invest in other strategies ranging from those focused on crypto-currency trading, mining, and lending to ICOs, indexes and Delta One securities/equities. In a release CoinsShares said their strategy is designed to deliver diversified exposure and seeks to provide a better risk/reward profile and lower volatility than other, more single purpose funds.

“If you wanted to invest in the internet through a diverse mix of strategies focused on everything from servers, fiber-optics and silicon to search engines, social network start-ups and e-commerce infrastructure – this would be that fund, but for the crypto-economy,” CoinShares (UK) CEO Ryan Radloff said. “We are very excited about bringing this fund and Block Asset Management’s expertise to our investor base; both the strategy and team will be a great complement to CoinShares’ growing platform of strategies.”

The Block Asset team shares a combined 100-plus years of professional finance experience with alumnae from Credit Suisse, Societe General, Citibank, UBS, Barclays & Lloyds. The team brings a diverse mix of trading backgrounds equipping them to be one of the most seasoned managers in the crypto-finance market.

“As a group, Block Asset Management and CoinShares have a shared philosophy of acting as portfolio risk managers first and foremost – so when the opportunity to work together came up, it was an obvious fit. We are very excited to bring this fund-of-funds to market, and could not have imagined a better group to do it with than CoinShares, a leader in crypto Finance,” said Manuel E De Luque Muntaner, CEO of Block Asset Management.

This announcement comes less than one month after CoinShares announced two new crypto asset focused funds.

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