Blockchain investment platform BnkToTheFuture Raises $33 Million

Global fin-tech, Bitcoin and blockchain investment platform BnkToTheFuture today announced the successful close of its $33 million token sale. The private sale allocated for accredited investors on its existing platform sold out in less than 15 hours, while the public sale of 30 million ERC-20 compatible BFT tokens sold out in two minutes, 17 seconds. Notable investors in the private sale included Hong Kong-based Kinetic Capital, FBG Capital, Hashed (Formerly Blockchain Partners Korea), Charlie Schrem’s CryptoIQ, Roaming Capital and other Bitcoin industry veterans.

Simon Dixon

BnkToTheFuture, co-founded in 2011 by ex-investment banker turned Bitcoiner Simon Dixon, is the largest platform for investing in the equity and tokens of blockchain and fintech companies. The company is now set to launch its securities token market to enable the trading of equity-backed securities tokens later this year. The platform aims to offer real-time access, pricing and liquidity via a transparent marketplace for trading securities tokens.

“In 2015 our platform allowed our investors to obtain equity exposure in what have become some of today’s most valuable companies such as BitFinex, Kraken, BitStamp, BitPay and ShapeShift, among many others,” Mr. Dixon said. “We have always followed securities laws when conducting our offerings. In 2017 ICOs dwarfed equity investing for our industry. As the regulatory landscape evolves we believe that 2018 will see issuers increasingly acknowledge the need to issue tokens with securities laws in mind.”

BnkToTheFuture aimed to show how a token sale can be conducted in line with already established securities laws. All participants in the public sale underwent a screening process prior to being whitelisted in order to comply with global KYC/AML regulations and all participants in the pre-sale went through a professional investor accreditation process. The exact same price was offered to both pre-sale and public sale participants with no preferential bonuses or discounts that can lead to unfair markets.

“We thank everyone who participated and look forward to continuing to support the growth of the industry with compliance-driven securities token offerings and help bring ICO-style liquidity to securities while maintaining our Bitcoiner core values,” Mr. Dixon added. “As every bank and broker scrambles to catch up we believe we already offer the optimal combination of compliance and innovation. The BF Token Sale was an example of how to do this with compliance-driven innovation in mind.”