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Bluefin receives patent for encryption technology

Bluefin Payment Systems, the leader in payment security, today announced the issuance of their second patent by the Japanese Patent Office on “Systems and Methods for Decryption as a Service.”

The patent covers aspects of Bluefin’s PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions, including Decryptx, the company’s decryption-as-a-service (DaaS) product for enabling their PCI-validated P2PE solution through processors, payment gateways, and software platforms. Decryptx enables any PCI/DSS provider to enhance their platform and offer Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution via a simple integration. Keyed, swiped, and EMV data from point of sale (POS) systems are protected via PCI-validated controls and encryption.

The issued patent will cover Bluefin’s innovation in Japan, which relates to Bluefin’s Decryptx P2PE architecture as well as payment device and chain-of-custody management. In order to serve gateways, processors, and other large clients, Bluefin developed a high-speed and resilient decryption architecture. Specifically, the patent covers the systems and methods for parsing data from devices, device authentication and validation, key management, and decryption in a hardware security module (HSM). The patent further relates to a point to point encryption management system configured to receive information from a plurality of point of interaction devices (payment terminals).

Ruston Miles

“Hackers are using malware to breach cardholder data at unprecedented levels globally. P2PE’s immediate encryption is the primary defense for merchants against this growing threat,” Bluefin chief strategy officer Ruston Miles said. “Bluefin’s patented P2PE platform empowers payment gateways and software vendors to integrate this important security protection into their own systems quickly. To date, 65 payment gateways and software vendors have integrated our PCI P2P solution across Europe, Canada, Latin America & Caribbean, and the United States. With the announcement of the Japanese patents, Bluefin P2PE is now available to Japanese businesses.”

Bluefin was awarded its first U.S. patent in June 2016 on “Systems and Methods for Creating Fingerprints of Encryption Devices” and its second U.S. patent in that October for “Systems and Methods for Decryption as a Service.” The company has since received another 4 U.S. patents including “Systems and Methods for decryption-as-a-service via a message queuing protocol,” “Systems and Methods for decryption as a service via a configuration of read-only databases,” “Systems and Methods for decryption as a service via a hardware security module,” and “Systems and Methods for decryption as a service via a message queuing protocol” (continuation). In December 2017, Bluefin received its first Japanese patent on “Systems and Methods for Creating Fingerprints of Encryption Devices.”

Bluefin’s patent portfolio covers both Decryptx and the company’s P2PE Manager. Currently, Bluefin has over 65 processors, payment gateways and software platforms in the U.S., Europe and Latin America utilizing Decryptx to provide PCI-validated P2PE directly to their client base.

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