Legolas announces its token sale

Legolas has built the first provably secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange, allowing a fair market price formation and providing tier one services to traders and investors.

Legolas Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange set to launch in Q2 2018, has partnered with the global brokerage firm Makor Capital and is spearheaded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers and financiers.

By teaming up with Makor, Legolas Exchange ensures a regulatory compliant service for institutional investors and everyday traders. Fiat fundings will be deposited at major banks and cryptocurrencies will be stored in a secure proprietary custody solution.

Makor already operates under the Financial Compliance Authority (FCA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the National Futures Association (NFA).

“We are witnessing the birth of a new financial asset, and there’s no doubt institutional investors
want to be part of its growth”, says Legolas Exchange CEO Fred Montagnon. “They haven’t been
able to do it so far because they lacked serious, transparent and compliant counterparts. Legolas
Exchange will fill this gap”.

Ouziel Slama, Legolas Exchange CTO adds: “The recent history of hacks and thefts has proven
that fully-centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are clearly not an option for institutional investors.
Fully-decentralized exchanges can’t be the solution to this problem because of their offer in terms of
variety and liquidity of tradeable cryptocurrencies is – by essence – too scarce”.

Legolas Exchange creates a fair trading environment, neutralizing front-running, guaranteeing transparency and the security of the order book. By using a decentralized ledger within its centralized platform, Legolas has created a hybrid new generation exchange where traders and investors can transact without doubting the integrity of the platform.

Legolas will sell approximately 174M of LGO tokens, available at the price of 0.00005 BTC per LGO.

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