Sweetbridge, Natural Partners tackle nutritional supplement transparency, compliance with blockchain

Sweetbridge, a non-profit aiming to transform supply chain and logistics management with blockchain technology, today announced a strategic partnership with Natural Partners, a distributor and technology company supplying healthcare providers with nutritional supplements. The partnership will see Natural Partners pilot Sweetbridge’s blockchain technology on its healthcare practitioner service platform, NP Script, to help empower healthcare providers and patients with verifiable and comprehensive information about source and use.

By implementing Sweetbridge’s blockchain protocol in NP Script, Natural Partners can offer healthcare providers both a reliable way to authenticate and secure nutritional supplements, and a means to better track patient outcomes. Blockchain technology provides an immutable and traceable digital record on the origin and composition of supplements supplied in the Natural Partners network.

“We have always believed and invested in the importance of the continuity between practitioners, the products they recommend, and patient,” Natural Partners CEO Fran Towey said. “These important decisions need to continue to be reliable, convenient, and seamless. Our partnership with the Sweetbridge Foundation is the next step in building more integrity into the practitioner and patient interaction to advance wellness.”

The use of the Sweetbridge blockchain will transform the NP Script online platform into a highly secure means of distributing professional-grade supplements to healthcare providers. The blockchain mechanism will also provide healthcare providers and suppliers with valuable data-sharing capabilities without sacrificing patient privacy. The company currently services thousands of healthcare providers.

Natural Partners joins companies such as Mattereum, Binkabi, BuilderChain, and Dcntral in the Sweetbridge Alliance, which aims to leverage blockchain technology to solve critical problems in global supply chains, rendering their operations both more cost-efficient and transparent.

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