Intelligent instant callback platform Responseiq secures £850,000 investment

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Intelligent instant callback platform, ResponseiQ, which facilitates instant lead responses for businesses, has secured an£850,000 in investment from a group of investment funds including Fuel.Ventures, Mactaggart & Mickel Investments, and the founders of Trend Investments. The investment will be used to develop the second version of the ResponseiQ platform, create new products, expand the sales presence in the EU and US, and build strategic partnerships with agencies and tech companies.

ResponseiQ is an intelligent instant callback platform helping businesses engage with visitors and leads at the perfect time. Its primary offering, a callback widget, allows website visitors to request an instant callback, or schedule a time that suits the customer, through its on-site widget software. A second tool, Instant Lead Response, is a sales acceleration tool that notifies salespeople instantly, by phone, if a business received a lead with a telephone number. This works by then automatically and immediately connecting an available sales person on a call with the phone number of the person from that lead. Data shows that if contacted within five minutes, a lead is 21 times more likely to enter the sales process, compared to contact after thirty minutes.

Founder Scott Lee had the idea for ResponseiQ after being put on hold for more than twenty minutes while calling to get an insurance quote. He realized it was odd for him, a customer with a wide range of options available to him, to be the one being inconvenienced. ResponseiQ increases the conversation rate of website visitors to phone calls by 25 per cent using automated sales callbacks.

“Consumers are fed up with poor customer service and expectations are changing exponentially,” Mr. Lee said. “That’s why a new report said that 97 per cent of consumers will give more business to companies that respond quickly to them.

“We’re helping businesses generate higher ROI from their existing marketing spend, by doing just that. These trends are why ResponseiQ has filled a gap in the market and is building a deserved reputation for increasing its customer’s revenues.”

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