How to pay everyday people in cryptocurrency for online influence

How many times have you purchased online a product online by simply following the tip of a posted picture?

Many, for sure. And how many times have you decided to try “that product” from “that brand” just because you saw a friend sponsoring it online?

A lot, no need to tell us. Has it ever occurred to you that every time branded content is published on your social media, you are supporting the values of a particular brand?
It’s something truly powerful and this mechanism has opened the doors of the digital marketing realm we call “influencers”.

From an Italian postcard from Rome to a slice of cake from that boulangerie in the heart of Paris, or a selfie taken while shopping in Manhattan; these snapshots are designed to look perfect on Instagram and collect thousands of likes. This is the influencers mission.

The thing is, if you are an average person, living a normal life in a normal place, you probably won’t see yourself reflected in that portrayed reality. The result? Low engagement rate and weak participation in marketing campaigns on social media channels.

Recognizing the relevance of this shortcoming as a limit for users’ engagement online, an Italian startup, Friendz, decided to revolutionize the way publishers connected with their audience. Their communication system is not the typical top-down model (where brands target the market as a whole), but rather, one based on communication among peers. The reference target of the contents posted by a Friendz is, therefore, a community of people that either knows or are acquainted with each other directly. Their motto is, “We are not an influencer, we are just Friendz” as it is stated on their website.

As a matter of fact, today users spend most of their time on social networks, nearly 5.4 hours, watching content created and shared by people they know. Friendz thought it was important to find a way to take advantage of this online interaction. The idea behind their business is very simple: connecting brands to their target audience, exploiting the power of the “word of mouth”. Friendz is a successful product that is providing services through the support of a community of over 200,000 users, continuously engaged in the activities run inside the app. The community is always ready and willing to participate in the campaigns organized by Friendz, in exchange for rewards in the form of Friendz Coins.

Having fun while posting a photo on your social and getting rewarded for it? A revolution for sure. And like every revolution, it needs time to become understood and accepted. That’s why Friendz is currently developing an ecosystem for users with the goal of familiarizing them with cryptocurrencies. The company, in fact, is willing to let its community use Friendz coins in various places including shops and a rich network of e-commerce. They believe the network effect will generate an increase in the size of the community and, consequently, the circulatory demand for coins.

The use of Friendz Coins will enrich user experience: the community will enjoy new features and services to be purchased in the app just using the coins. New features will be designed to increase the degree of online user interaction.

And this is just the beginning.

As Friendz well knows, sharing ideas and contents exploiting the power of word-of-mouth generates a high level of involvement both online and offline. That’s why the company is more than happy to compensate its community of users for the great support they provide in Friendz Coins and to motivate and appreciate their users for their participation in content creation and validation.

Friendz – A digital marketing revolution from Friendz on Vimeo.

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