Olga Petrunina (from left), Jeff McDonald, and Ira Erokhina

Adara.io emerges from stealth with upcoming global cryptocurrency exchange

Adara today announced it has officially emerged from stealth with an upcoming worldwide exchange of cryptocurrencies, currently in Beta testing. Adara.io will be shortly launching the exchange as the first component in the company’s intelligent blockchain ecosystem, which enables anyone to easily buy, trade and sell a range of carefully-vetted Alt coins and tokenized services.

Adara.io will offer a zero-fee, high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform providing the opportunity to trade for free and make orders in real-time for all users. As part of a comprehensive trading platform, the Adara Crypto Exchange has already been developed and launched with a worldwide license obtained in the UAE for conducting stock exchange trading in crypto commodities.

Olga Petrunina (from left), Jeff McDonald, and Ira Erokhina

Key portions of the company’s financial blockchain ecosystem (including tokenization) are powered by the acclaimed NEM scalable platform, which features a line of high-yield investment products combining the reliability of classic instruments with the convenience of digital assets. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. The NEM network can handle 4,000 transactions per second, whereas Bitcoin is only able to handle seven per second.

The Adara intelligent blockchain ecosystem will become an early adapter of the new NEM Catapult protocol (used as a means to create the decentralized part of the existing Exchange). The Exchange is also built on the most secure and reliable technologies including Eigentrust ++, a fully-developed reputation and proof of importance system. With a specific emphasis on security, Adara offers both AES-encrypted online and offline cold-storage wallets, including the ultimate in security – optional storage in a Swiss Bank safety deposit box.

Adara has fully embraced the power of machine learning algorithms on its crypto trading platform. The symbiosis of the crypto exchange with open analytics and expert community assessments enables Adara’s vetted crypto assets to be traded with maximum efficiency and profit. Adara even allows opt-in margin trading, enabling users to become loan providers and receive interest earnings on their asset deposits.

“Adara is an intelligent blockchain financial ecosystem as well as a community for those interested in participating in these new financial markets to obtain financial freedoms,” said Olga Petrunina, co-founder and CEO of Adara.io. “The Adara Financial Platform incorporates all the elements necessary for the real-time investment, exchange and valuation of a wide range of existing cryptocurrencies and new ones backed by physical assets. Our new membership in the NEM Foundation helps to make the Adara platform scalable, robust and fast enough to make that vision a reality and we are very excited to be working with them as we launch.”

“I am excited about the Adara project,” said Jeff McDonald, Vice President of the NEM.io Foundation. “I believe Adara will make it easier for the broader public to participate in carefully-vetted high-yield investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. The NEM blockchain technology is built for enterprise adoption, and Adara is a perfect example of how securely and easily a business can scale using NEM’s open source technology combined with Eigentrust ++ and our Proof of Importance consensus.”

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