Taavi Rõivas

Former Estonian PM Taavi Rõivas joins Blockchain Centre Vilnius board

Former Estonian prime minister Taavi Rõivas has joined the board of Blockchain Centre Vilnius, which connects partner Blockchain Centres in Australia and Asia. Blockchain Centre Vilnius is a not-for-profit knowledge hub curating and organizing unique educational and networking events for the international blockchain community, while also serving as a co-working space and incubator for blockchain technology companies.

“Estonia is a natural partner for Lithuania on the road to digitalisation, as well as embracing the regions’ innovative talents globally,” Blockchain Centre Vilnius founder and European Parliament member Antanas Guoga said. “Our entrepreneurial spirit and culture is enabling a favourable regulatory environment and is the real driving force for both countries.

Taavi Rõivas

“Blockchain is a revolutionary technology reshaping the way we think about value, transparency and economies. Hence, it’s our role as the pioneers to take the lead, reorient the way of governance and business, and bring blockchain solutions for the benefit of everyone. Strategic cooperation with Mr. Rõivas, globally known for his digital policies, will add real value to the global movement“

In a statement Blockchain Centre Vilnius said Mr. Rõivas will focus on strategic planning, regional and global cooperation and establishing a partner Blockchain Centre in Estonia.

“My mission is to help showcase and promote the tremendous potential of the Baltic region within the global blockchain industry,” Mr. Rõivas said. “I am joining the board of Blockchain Centre Vilnius to ensure active synergy between Lithuanian and Estonian blockchain technology stakeholders both in public and business sectors.”

Mr. Rõivas was the prime minister of the Republic of Estonia from 2014 to 2016. He was a member of the 11th, and is currently a member of the 12th term of Estonian Parliament, has chaired the European Union Affairs Committee, and been a member of the Social Affairs and Finance Committees of the Parliament. Mr. Rõivas is globally known as a digital influencer, promoting digitalisation of the governmental and business sectors, digital citizens rights, e-citizenship, e-voting and many other innovative and progressive initiatives.

The Blockchain Centre Vilnius Board and Investor Committee, which helps raise funds for blockchain startups, have already attracted leading blockchain personalities such as NEM.io president Lon Wong, Australian artificial intelligence expert and data analyst Eugene Dubossarsky, ValueNet Capital founder Sonic Zhang and Pillar Project founder Robert Gaskell.

Blockchain Centre Vilnius’ objective is to allow blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and regulators from around the world to share ideas, know-how, and best practices by curating and organizing educational and networking events and by offering a co-working space combined with a wide range of functionalities. The centre plans to serve as a one-stop shop for technical, legal, tax, governmental affairs and advisory services, with a particular focus on helping blockchain startups expand.

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