Blockchain-based ticketing company Aventus names Rob Edwards COO

Aventus, a blockchain-based ticketing company, has announced Rob Edwards as their new COO. Mr. Edwards has worked with ticketing software suppliers, ticketing companies, and live entertainment organizations for more than 25 years.

Rob Edwards

“The open source Aventus Protocol offers the ticketing industry an amazing opportunity to enhance security, combat fraud, and improve efficiency” Mr. Edwards said. “Blockchain technology and ticketing are a perfect fit and the incredible team behind Aventus who are building a bridge to the blockchain for the ticketing supply-chain through the delivery of tools and blockchain API connectivity make this one of the most exciting opportunities of my career.”

Mr. Edwards has been UK sales manager for Select Technologies, VP product and head of technology for and European general manager for, managing operating companies in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. In 2005 he became general manager in the UK and Ireland for AudienceView Ticketing Corporation and has since worked in the UK for Europe’s largest ticketing company CTS EVENTIM.

The Aventus Protocol is an open source blockchain system being developed and initiated by the Aventus Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting innovation in the ticketing industry.  Built on the Ethereum network, the Aventus Protocol will be available to any organization wishing to develop and improve their infrastructure with blockchain technology. The system provides a host of features for event organizers, including adjusting variables such as initial pricing, price caps, and revenue splits from resale. The platform improves ticketing experiences for buyers too. Using the AventCoin (AVT) those on the network can vote on event and ticket seller legitimacy, bringing validity and security to the ticketing industry in a decentralized manner.

In September of last year Aventus successfully sold 6,000,000 AVT, their network’s utility token, in exchange for 60,000 Ether tokens through its token sale – valued at more than 40 million pounds in today’s market. The Aventus protocol is scheduled to launch its first version in the coming months.

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