Steven Sprague

Cybersecurity firm Rivetz acquires CyberDeadbolt

Steven Sprague

Rivetz, a provider of trusted computing and embedded cyber security, today announced the acquisition of CyberDeadbolt, a Silicon Valley-based cyber security startup utilizing social encryption for the transfer and protection of digital assets. The acquisition enables Rivetz to bring the human touch to its hardware-based cybersecurity solutions and recovery models.

The CyberDeadbolt secure, scalable platform incorporates human factors to authenticate and authorize the exchange of sensitive information, employing phonetics-based voice identification and multi-person authentication to provide customizable levels of security depending on the user’s needs. CyberDeadbolt provides a new paradigm for account recovery, recovered device unlocking and verified multi-user access (access) intent. The app also allows users to enable a cyber ‘deadbolt’ to lock access to all or some of their devices. For example, a user may lock their home devices while away on vacation.

“The foundation of the Rivetz service relies on known devices in known conditions to protect digital assets like Bitcoin,” said Steven Sprague, founder and CEO of Rivetz.  “With CyberDeadbolt we now have the ability to add secure user intent across a user to access that user’s collection of devices and incorporate known and verified multiple human access confirmations as well. Assuring a known and verified user to the equation.”

“Rivetz and CyberDeadbolt are a natural fit and yield a compelling combination,” said Bradley Rotter, CyberDeadbolt cofounder. “The Rivetz model of provable controls benefits from the simple and easy- to- operate capabilities delivered by CyberDeadbolt to remotely lock a device or require multiple users to participate in the recovery of keys and secrets.”

Pavan Mudanna, CyberDeadbolt cofounder, has joined the Rivetz team as vice president of shared services. Mr. Rotter becomes vice chairman of the Rivetz board.

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