freemarket, Saxo Payments Banking Circle unite to simplify international payments

freemarket, an FX and payment platform for SMEs, has joined Saxo Payments Banking Circle to enhance its proposition for its international clients who sell through marketplaces like Amazon.

By joining Banking Circle and utilizing the Banking Circle Marketplaces proposition, freemarket will be able to provide its clients with local IBAN accounts which will enable them to make and receive international payments more quickly and at lower cost.

freemarket set out to challenge the status quo in foreign exchange and cross border payments, by creating a unique matching process to offer more transparency over rates and fees.  And, by joining the Banking Circle, it is tackling another barrier in cross border transactions.

“To us, a big part of providing a better customer experience is the ability to offer cross border payments without the high cost and slow transfer times traditionally associated with international payments. Our partnership with Saxo Payments Banking Circle allows us to extend our industry-leading 0.2 per cent rate to those trading on online marketplaces.” freemarket CCO James Allum said.

“Banking Circle Marketplaces provides a solution to help those trading on online marketplaces to transact across borders without the need for multiple banking relationships,” Saxo Payments Banking Circle co-founder and CEO Anders la Cour said. “Through fin-techs like freemarket, sellers using Marketplaces can now trade internationally without the traditional cost and time implications.”

The partnership between Saxo Banking Circle & freemarketFX now empowers online marketplace sellers to simplify the process of managing their international marketplace revenue & maximise the amount of earnings they repatriate back to their business.