Raed Khawaja

Even Financial expands partnership with Credit.com

Even Financial, the technology platform powering financial services online, has expanded its strategic partnership with Credit.com, an information source on credit scoring and reporting, credit cards and personal finance. Even Financial will now power Credit.com’s personal loans marketplace and its related content tools.

With this expanded partnership, Credit.com will provide its users access with a native, personalized and optimized loan matching experience, powered by Even Financial’s proprietary technology. Even’s technology utilizes machine learning, big data and an extensive network of touchpoints and financial products to provide a personalized experience. Previously, users searching for loans were referred directly to individual lenders’ websites to generic product information. Now, users are matched with a diverse list of recommended personal loan offerings and are approved in real-time without leaving Credit.com. This integration will soon expand to include other financial product recommendations such as mortgages, savings accounts and insurance.

Raed Khawaja

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Even Financial,” said Jason Owen, general manager of Credit.com. “We expect this agreement will result in a more enjoyable user experience for our members as we aim to provide them with more variety, options and significant user benefits.”

Even Financial has been powering components of Credit.com’s offerings since 2016. It is currently the only non-lender the website counts as a partner.

“Credit.com has been a trusted and valued Even Financial partner for several years, and we are thrilled to be expanding this strategic partnership,” said Raed Khawaja, senior vice president for business development for Even Financial. “Even’s technology and products are helping Credit.com complement its robust offering and position its business to remain a dominant player in the space, by differentiating their services.”

The new Credit.com personal loans experience will launch in early Q2 2018. For more information on Even Financial and its offerings, please visit:www.evenfinancial.com.

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