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Payza integrates cryptocurrency Dash using BlockCypher

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Dash, a digital currency for payments, today announced an integration and partnership with Payza, an award-winning international online payment provider, reaching over 13 million users in 190 countries. The partnership allows users to send and receive Dash to and from other Payza users, spend it at 100,000 e-commerce retailers, and exchange Dash for 25 different fiat currencies or Bitcoin. Before the Dash integration, which is now live, Payza had only enabled Bitcoin support for its users.

“Payza is an exciting partnership for Dash because our respective missions are so well aligned,” Dash CEO Ryan Taylor said. “Payza is supporting underbanked populations in nearly 200 countries, and the Dash network’s low cost instant transactions are ideal attributes for meeting these customers’ needs. Payza is also well regarded in the industry with literally millions of users and they’ve thus far refrained from integrating other coins across their platform.”

Ryan Taylor

Payza is headquartered in the UK, but primarily serves Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America, with some of its major markets including Venezuela, Nepal, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico and Haiti. It was founded to provide an alternative method of payment and storage of currency for people who have difficulty accessing bank accounts and traditional financial institutions.

“There are several reasons that we chose Dash to be the second cryptocurrency integrated into our platform, after Bitcoin,” Firoz Patel said. “Dash boasts low network fees and fast transactions, two features that users look for in a cryptocurrency. Dash also has a vibrant and active community, especially in the developing world, which appeals to us as a company that also focuses on empowering underbanked populations. Finally, Dash is user-friendly and has a roadmap in place to further improve usability.”

To celebrate the launch, Payza has a promotion for a limited time for users who exchange fiat or Bitcoin into Dash will get an extra ten per cent of the altcoin when they buy up to one Dash, and an extra five per cent for each Dash purchased above that amount (up to five Dash purchased).

Payza’s Dash integration is made possible through leading blockchain web services and infrastructure provider, BlockCypher. BlockCypher specializes in blockchain agnostic solutions and makes it easier for users and companies to interact with several cryptocurrencies through one solution.

We spoke with Tom Alford from TotalCrypto who sees the move as positive progress for cryptocurrency. “Ultimately for cryptocurrency to thrive it needs to become more readily available as a payment option for people Worldwide. Integrating cryptocurrency payments with online payment providers is clearly the first way to making that happen,” Alford said.

“We are excited to see Payza integrate Dash so quickly using our web services and infrastructure,” said Karen Hsu, head of growth at BlockCypher. “Payza leads the digital payments market in providing customers with the choice to use Dash and digital currencies, which have become the fastest and most economical way of making cross-border payments for people around the world.”

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