Joe Roets

Dragonchain, Coiin, to power adoption of blockchain-based social rewards platform

Coiin, a digital engagement platform that rewards social media users through the blockchain, today announced at the CoinAgenda Caribbean conference in Puerto Rico a partnership with blockchain platform Dragonchain to develop its platform. With this technology, Coiin digitally rewards users promoting Coiin partner products and projects directly with cryptocurrency through the blockchain.

The most valuable currency in the world is social capital, yet legacy social media platforms like Facebook are reaping the vast majority of the financial benefits from users and content creators who engage audiences on their platforms. With Coiin, the public will co-own social monetization and earn rewards for engaging users through social media.

“We chose to partner with Dragonchain because of their vision in the future of blockchain powered platforms,” Coiin co-founder J.D. Seraphine said. “Their team is innovative and committed to helping us develop and scale the Coiin social engagement platform to the thousands of organizations who want to engage millions of users and content creators globally.”

Joe Roets

“We are excited to work with the Coiin team to develop a unique hybrid private/public blockchain platform and ultimately change the paradigm for how users can be rewarded for their social actions and content creation,” Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets said. “We look forward to seeing how users engage with upcoming projects through the Coiin platform.”

Utilizing the Coiin platform, partners can engage users, influencers, and content creators with their products and projects to build, grow and generate shared wealth. The Coiin platform tracks user posting, engagement and rewards across all social channels. Users and content creators will engage in omni-channel content sharing, e-commerce, gaming and voting on any social media platform, and receive Coiin tokens as a reward for engagement. Coiin token holders can then buy products from partners, send Coiin to other users, contribute Coiins to other projects, or donate Coiin to a variety of worthy projects, causes and organizations all through the Coiin platform.

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