How to make money from your land as a renewable energy developer

Hosting wind turbines or solar panels is admirable. When you decide to do so, you’re helping the entire planet. The only aspect of the process that some people may view as a downside is the amount of excess land likely involved in the process.

You’re paying to maintain that land, but what if that land could easily pay for itself (and then some)? If you’re a renewable energy developer, it’s easy to cash in on the land surrounding your energy source.

Lease or build more

By adding more renewable energy sources to your property, you can sell off the excess energy to surrounding properties or a utility company. If you’re not interested in doing all of the hard work yourself, you can lease out your extra space to a private company. They’ll pay to use your land, and they’ll bring their own equipment and installers will them. This is the best way to maximize the energy generating productivity of your land.

Vegetable farming

I’ve you’re a renewable energy developer, you probably have a wealth of environmental concerns. What about exploring other forms of socially responsible investment? Sustainable farming is important for healthy food and a healthy planet. If you don’t want to add tons of new equipment to your land, you can always use it to grow fresh produce and herbs. You can go the organic route if you choose, although organic farming is a little more complicated and expensive to keep up with.

You can choose to go all the way and vary your crops, selling your harvest off to a farmer’s market and taking your own share for your family, or you can pick one or two things that are easy to come up with. Growing mushrooms is especially easy, and you can generate a high volume in a short amount of time. The same goes for carrots and other root vegetables that happily flourish beneath the ground.

Rent the land for private use

If you can use the energy you’re generating on-site, environmentally conscious people may be interested in renting your land for private events. If your land is in a remote area next to a lot of beautiful nature, campers might want to pitch a tent or park an RV on site for a week or so.

You can also host big-ticket events like weddings or corporate gatherings. Large canopy tents and the installation of some bathrooms on the site will drastically increase your options. People are always looking for beautiful outdoor event venues, and if they can support the quest of creating more renewable energy in the process, they might be more likely to choose your land.

Expand your land and double the profit

The more land you have, the more your potential for profit increases. It doesn’t matter if you’re utilizing the excess land or if you’re installing more energy sources. If you can buy up the surrounding land or more nearby land, you’ll certainly see greater financial possibilities. Even if you buy it exclusively to lease it to other energy companies, you’ll be encouraging more clean energy in the area. With the desire to go green growing every day, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can help the expansion simply by providing ideal locations.

When you’re making a little extra money off of your renewable energy land plots, you’re helping the planet while you’re helping yourself. Everyone wins, and you can feel great about what you’re doing.

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