Steven Sprague

Rivetz, Enrich Media Group to provide advanced security capabilities

Decentralized mobile security solutions provider Rivetz today announced a partnership with Enrich Media Group, which has a mobile platform for iOS and Android that allows celebrities, high-profile individuals and companies to connect directly with their audience. The combined solution brings hardware-level security to the software apps.

Through this partnership, Enrich will integrate Rivetz’s advanced security capabilities, including multi-factor authentication. This will allow Enrich’s clients to conduct safer and simpler transactions and to increase the security of data on the platform.

Steven Sprague

“Given the hacks of various social media sites, it is ever more important to protect the data of celebrities and high-profile individuals alike. With those platforms facing challenges around trust and misuse, it has never felt as vital as now that we provide an alternative way for you to safely and securely keep in touch with your community on your terms,” said Enrich Media Group CEO Rich Wheeless. “As a result, we partnered with Rivetz to enhance device security, thereby protecting data in the platform.”

Enrich Media Group is also currently creating a “content-centric cryptocurrency” that will empower content creators to take greater control of content rights management utilizing blockchain technology.

“Enrich Media Group provides an exciting fan experience, while offering an authentic way to connect using the latest technology and freshest content,” said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz. “We are pleased to work with them to enhance the quality and competitiveness of their service to deliver the hottest topics in entertainment and media.”

Rivetz supports advanced security capabilities that provide account owners enhanced protection, assuring the integrity of their messages and applications. Its RvT cybersecurity token provides verifiable security controls for blockchain transactions. The RvT token enables multifactor authentication across devices, to achieve provable security at the transaction and authentication level. The Rivetz solution leverages technology that is already built into hundreds of millions of mobile devices to assure the keys and transactions cannot be stolen or altered by malware infecting the operating system.

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