NetCents Technology launches new website, bringing seamless experience to blockchain, cryptocurrency

NetCents Technology has launched a new website. It combines the eWallet, merchant portal, NC Exchange, NCCO, and front-end website into one place, providing a seamless, secure experience for both merchants and users.

“Currently, the online cryptocurrency space is a broken landscape with separate companies and websites for exchanges, eWallets, and payments,” NetCents Technology’s Jenn Lowther said. “We know that this doesn’t work for our users and merchants and we wanted to provide them with a better experience. With our new website, we have solved this problem and have provided a full solution package for both our users and merchants.”

NetCents Technology is now in the final prelaunch stages of their marketing campaign. In the coming weeks, they will be launching full PR, IR, influencer marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising campaigns. The company is also working on rolling out a referral and loyalty program that is has never been done in the crypto and blockchain space before.

“NetCents has positioned itself as a leader and with the launch of the new website, we are continuing to redefine the gold standard in the crypto and blockchain space,” said Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents Technologies. “This release represents what a 21st century financial company can and should be and hints at future developments. We believe that this is the future framework for the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

“It is important to appreciate what the successful launch of the website and acceptance of the platform by merchants, which we are close to pushing live, means. And as I’ve said before, we can now provide a fully integrated and complete payment processing solution and do not rely on third-party processors or other intermediaries. Also, this allows the company to realize multiple revenue streams generated from monthly merchant fees, transaction fees, trades on the exchange, and foreign exchange fees.”

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