Hollywood exec, entrepreneur unite to launch entertainment-focused blockchain

The blockchain revolution is finally finding a home in Hollywood with the introduction of TREETI, the world’s first blockchain built specifically for the demanding needs of the entertainment industry. Co-founded and led by Matej Boda and Amorette Jones, TREETI’s mission is to leverage the power and technological advancements of blockchain to build a fast and a more secure digital ecosystem for the distribution, monetization, creation and consumption of film-based content.

Matej Boda

On the B2B side, TREETI’s mission is to become to the go to partner for Hollywood studios and media companies as they look at the benefits of blockchain in maximizing their digital revenue potential.  Through its specialized blockchain, the company is able to build custom, white label secure content systems solutions that help the studios secure more advanced, verified data and analytics that leverage the power of digital ledger technology (DLT). The company is also currently developing its initial consumer facing content platform for launch later this year with a focus on altering the indie film landscape.

TREETI’s decentralized platform was developed by Mr. Boda, who is overseeing all technology initiatives and product development. Prior to co-founding TREETI, he co-founded DECENT, a technology platform for which he created DCore, a fully functional open source blockchain technology. TREETI will run on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) platform accessible anywhere across the globe — with most transactions processed in five seconds or less. Every transaction is verified, permanent, and completely secure for both the creator/studio and consumer. Sophisticated meta-tagging also allows creators and studios to directly measure and respond to every audience interaction without paying excessive fees to third parties. In addition to building a global audience, TREETI has the ability to access more than two billion people across the globe who are currently unbanked.

Amorette Jones

“This is the breakthrough moment for the film industry,” Ms. Jones said. “Blockchain is the next frontier to upend the traditional distribution models and we’re tapping into this technology to drive the future of how creators make, distribute and monetize films as well as how fans consume it.

“It’s not a matter of when it happens, but how it’s done, and we think we have the answer.  We are offering studios and creators a way to securely sell their movies at the cost of their choosing, while eliminating excessive fees and providing true trust and transparency every step of the way.”

“We are not aiming to create just another blockchain app,” Mr. Boda said. “Our goal is to develop a network of individuals, businesses and organizations that will enjoy the advantages of a blockchain driven society and we think that the film industry will benefit immensely.”

TREETI’s first consumer P2P platform, set for a late 2018 launch, is designed to create the foremost digital independent film community.  From the filmmaker side, the platform is designed to make it simple for them to crowd fund, distribute, promote and monetize their content, while connecting directly with an engaged global fan base.  The blockchain DLT enables creators to more effectively trace all aspects of the process, simplifying all the business efficiencies– from royalty payouts, to access to sophisticated tracking data providing true transparency into who is funding and buying their content – streamlining what had previously been a costly and time-consuming process.

From the film lover perspective, it offers users the best way to participate in the indie film scene. They not only can fund projects, purchase films and watch them with friends inside the platform, but they will also be able to earn rewards and revenue by promoting projects they love to other users – creating a new “Internet of Value” for consumers.  In addition to spotlighting emerging filmmakers and their current projects, TREETI is planning to work with a wide range of content owners to ensure a robust library of content is available at launch that has wide appeal to the indie fan base.

The launch of TREETI marks the latest bold move in Ms. Jones’ career. For the past two decades Amorette has been a force in the Hollywood film scene, especially in the indie sector.  At Artisan Entertainment she rose to fame for her film marketing efforts including The Blair Witch Project.  In 2013, Jones founded Pivotal Entertainment, splitting her time between Los Angeles and Beijing to focus on progressive media technologies, which the Chinese were mastering as their film industry’s success skyrocketed in both attendance and revenue.  As a longtime studio executive (Sony, Universal, MGM, Artisan, Orion), she also helped revitalize the James Bond franchise, and was instrumental in campaigns for Academy Award© winning films by Robert Redford, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese.

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