INFOGRAPHIC: Seventy-seven facts about cyber-crimes you should know

Because we are the generation which is always relying on the internet and always wants to be connected to the digital world through smart devices and computers, there has been a massive increase in cybercrime which was largely unforeseen.

Our use of technology, general reliance on the internet and willingness to disclose lots of personal information and data with certain websites and companies has given cybercriminals the opportunity to attack these websites in order to steal sensitive data.

These cybercriminals do not just target websites and companies though. They do not discriminate, and everyone can suffer from it. Whether you are a business, group, individual, or an organization, you can bet your bottom dollar that you have something which cybercriminals want: data.

The internet is now a major hub of data and has been called the modern age most valuable commodity. Cybercriminals want to get their hands on this data so that they can exploit it for their own personal gain. Unfortunately for us, this means that cybercriminals are always coming up with new and innovative ways to do it.

On a personal level, there are a few things to be done to reduce the risk falling victim to an online scam or malware attack. First of all, don’t underestimate the power modern antivirus solutions pack. Even free options like Avast provide potent defence against unwanted harmful programs. Second, avoid visiting sites with a dubious reputation and lastly, don’t open emails from completely unknown senders.

These three simple steps reduce the risk of getting exposed to malicious software tremendously. Naturally, changing your passwords for access and using only secure passcode combinations help a lot, too.

Businesses with an online presence are the obvious and the biggest target for cybercriminals because they hold lots of data relating to thousands or even millions of people. This sensitive data can be used to steal money, identities and do all sorts of nasty things.

If you want to learn more about cybercrime and the role it is playing in our modern world, check out the infographic below which has lots of interesting facts and figures.

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