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Why and how your business can benefit from a big conference event

Conference events come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you how you approach and organise yours. Some businesses focus on bringing together the people who are most important to their company, while others want to bring together people from within the industry. It’s up to you what the focus of your conference event will be.

Before you decide whether this is the right idea for you to focus on right now, it’s important to look at what the benefits of doing so are and what you will have to do to actually make it happen.

Why should you hold a conference event?

It’s a way to have some fun

People forget this, but business doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Sometimes, it’s important to let your hair down and do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do in your conventional office setting. You can have a laugh, keep things casual and simply make it a good time for absolutely everyone involved.

The networking opportunities

If there’s going to be lots of people from your wider industry at this event, it offers you the ideal chance to mix with people, build new relationships and get your face out there. You never know, this could eventually lead to the birth of new business collaborations between your company and the people you meet at the event. That would make the whole day worthwhile.

A chance to çonnect with customers

Inviting customers to your event is a good idea because if they’re passionate about your brand and what you’re doing, they could bring that energy to your event. It will give you a chance to meet them, listen to what they think your business is doing well and what it can do better in the future. The key benefit of all this is that it will strengthen the relationship between your business and its customers.

Your employees can learn things

If you organise talks by leading industry figures, everyone in the audience, including your employees, will learn something from the event. They will then return to work armed with that new knowledge and hopefully put it into practice for the good of your business going forward. You can also offer training events with the event itself if you want to take things a step further.

Set new goals collectively and openly

It’s not often you have so many people together under one roof, and all of those people will want your business to be a success. Your loyal customers want to see you achieve more, your suppliers and collaborators do too, and your employees certainly want the business to grow so their careers can too. So make the most of this opportunity to set some goals for the business openly and collectively.

How to make it happen

Find a location that can work for everyone

First of all, you need to think about where you’re actually going to host your event. There will probably be lots of potential venues at your location for you to consider, so weigh up your needs and then list the pros and cons of each different venue. It should be a venue that has adequate parking facilities and is relatively easy to get to via numerous modes of transport if possible.

Work with experienced people

It’s probably not a great idea to go it alone when you’re creating a big event. Instead, you should try to work with people who have experience doing this sort of thing. They’ll then be able to help you get it all right and prevent you from making common mistakes that businesses so often make when they’re organising a big event. The best event management companies will have the skills, experience and contacts to make your day a success. So reach out to them.

Plan engaging talks, panels and events within the conference

If you want your conference event to go down well, you need to make sure that you have interesting things going on throughout the day. It’s not enough to just bring people together in a room and expect them to mingle among themselves. That’s not what a conference should be about. Of course, there will be networking opportunities, but there should also be informative talks, panels and other kinds of events going on.

Keep things interesting with technology

Your day will be so much smoother if you make an effort to incorporate modern technology into what you do on the day. People don’t want to just sit there and watch some guy standing and talking. These days, people want to be engaged by slideshows, imagery and videos. So make the most of everything modern technology can do for you when you’re hosting an event like this.

Make sure you provide all the basic facilities people expect

Finally, you need to ensure you don’t forget about the basics. Those fundamental aspects of the event might not be the most glamorous nor the most interesting, but they’re vitally important nonetheless. I’m talking about tea and coffee for attendees, food provisions and toilets that are accessible to everyone. Even things like wider accessibility to the venue should be considered because you don’t want disabled people to feel shut out of what’s going on.

Your business could genuinely improve as a result of a successful conference, as good the relationships between your core customers and the people who work for your company. It’s something that many companies do on a regular basis, so it’s definitely something you should consider too.

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