Consistency is the key to change in your business

Consistency is key to change, seems like a bit of a contradiction in terms. Surely if any change is going to come about, then it is by doing things a little differently, being flexible, and being adaptable? So is consistency in the workplace really going to help bring about some important changes, and help the business to grow and grow?

First of all, it is important to understand what consistency is. Being consistent is about repeatability. People, customers or clients, even colleagues, can know how you will behave or how something will be done when there is consistency in the business. There is a level of clarity that comes with something or someone being consistent. So for your business, it can be important for all of those around you to have consistency. When people’s expectations about how to behave are met, then it means that there is some consistent leadership, that can help the business to grow in a positive way.

Take the everyday work of your colleagues, for example. Each day, employees produce thousands of documents, presentations and emails on a variety of different topics and themes. But, if there isn’t any consistency, they don’t always use the latest company standards and have any consistency in their work. So in order to get document anarchy solved, having consistency is key. Colleagues will know what is expected of them, as well as things being produced in the right way, to keep consistency for clients and customers. There is a lot to be said for things being consistent. Even if some ideas or products change, if there is a consistent brand and the same kind of consistent customer care, then people will know what to expect and keep coming back again and again.

As a leader in business, it can be complex to offer consistency. Each person in your team or situation for clients can be different. And when this occurs, each interaction is almost like a moment of truth with what kind of decision will be made. But often, leaders in business neglect to focus on the importance of the smaller decisions that can be made, as well as lacking the focus that being consistent every time is important too.

The focus needs to be on what you are doing every day, and that it plays in role in your business growth. Not just seeing these conversations with colleagues as a human resources issue. Each conversation that you do or do not have shows consistency or lack of it. Each performance review that does or does not happen, or the behaviors that you choose to discuss or ignore. So to go back to the starting point, consistency is key to change if you are a leader in business. For better or for worse, you need to remember to be consistent, and remember that you get back what you put in, and you get what you tolerate. If that needs to change in our workplace, then now is the time to start.

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