Heidi Yu

Leading investors, business leaders, influencers join BOOSTO advisory board

BOOSTO, a new decentralized application (DApp) framework that will enable a new range of services for the world of influencers, this week added to their advisory committee.  The group that now includes some of the largest YouTube influencers join a roster of business celebrities and influencers who are contributing to the project, including Andy Tian, CEO of GIFTO, Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu, co-founders of Origin Protocol, and Paul Veradittakit, partner at Pantera Capital.

Heidi Yu

“We are truly honored that so many visionaries and leaders guiding our project,” said Heidi Yu, CEO of BOOSTO. “We’re confident that behind our strong team, advisors, and investors our project will encourage an entire ecosystem of new applications within the influencer world, a space we know extremely well and feel is ready for a completely new approach.”

BOOSTO is a decentralized infrastructure that acts like an app store specifically for influencers.  It allows developers and companies to easily build DApps that incorporate features of blockchain technology and easily provide them to influencers, who in turn can better engage with their fans and consumers by offering products and services that are unique to decentralized technologies. In essence, BOOSTO is the decentralized infrastructure for the world of influencers.

The BOOSTO platform is being created by the team behind SocialBook, an existing company with 350,000 influencers and the capability to reach nearly two billion fans within their network. 300 developers and brands are already using SocialBook to search the influencers to work with. Leveraging this, the company started an influencer advisor program to gather some of the top names across various industries to become the initial ambassadors of the project. The company has stated that popular YouTuber, Rob Paone, will be joining to help advise in the design of the platform which will be split into two components: for influencers and for developers.

Influencers will be able to be able to select DApps that are custom to the story they want to create for their fans.  Meanwhile, BOOSTO will be providing a development framework including SDKs, APIs and Oracle services for developers and companies to create their own unique applications that can be deployed directly to the DApp marketplace.

The company has stated that it has officially begun private fundraising with the initial launch of a SocialBook DApp built on BOOSTO protocol and participation of 10 selected influencers is schedule for Q2 of 2018.  Private investors already include Bo Shen, the founder of Fenbushi Capital.

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