Ben Marks

Blocktrade Capital debuts Weighted Index Fund

Ben Marks

Blocktrade Capital believes its new Weighted Index Fund for crypto assets will take some of the mystery out of investing in the exciting but confusing new space. The fund allows investors to hold a basket of the top cryptocurrencies at once, while not having to deal with the vast learning curve and ongoing maintenance that a crypto investment entails.

The Weighted Index Fund launched April 15 with a $250,000 capital contribution from the founder. Minimum investment size is $25,000, and  the management fee is three per cent. The fund is open to accredited investors in the US only.  Investors receive monthly status reports detailing the value of their investments. The fund’s initial portfolio consists of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Monero, with those coins and weights subject to monthly changes per the markets.

Blocktrade Capital’s founder and CEO Ben Marks has been investing in crypto for years, having made his first investment in Bitcoin back in 2014. He’s also well-versed in traditional investment avenues and has held positions in Bank of America’s Home Loans Division and Wells Fargo’s Asset-Based Lending Group.

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