Peter Vessenes

New Alchemy to partner with Fan-Controlled Football League

New Alchemy, a leading consulting group in the blockchain industry, today announced a partnership with the Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL), the professional sports league for the digital age that puts the fans in control. New Alchemy and the FCFL will work together to launch the league’s tokens and assist in developing the FCFL blockchain ecosystem. As part of this strategic partnership, New Alchemy Managing Director, Peter Vessenes, has invested in FAN Token, the FCFL’s official token ecosystem.

The first of its kind to be powered by the blockchain, the FCFL combines fantasy football and video games with the excitement of an actual football game. The new league recently announced an exclusive, multi-year broadcast deal with Twitchand has selected IMG Original Content to produce all live game broadcasts.

Peter Vessenes

Fans watch the game via an interactive video overlay on Twitch (through a custom Twitch Extension) or in the FCFL app, and are able to call the plays in real-time, hire players and coaches, and make trades for the eight teams in the new league. Fans’ level of control is proportional to the amount of tokens they own. As fans engage in the league by voting, scouting players, calling plays, and streaming the games, they earn FAN (Fan Access Network) Tokens, an ERC20-compatible smart token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The more tokens the users collect, the more influence they have in team decisions.

“We are thrilled to be working with the FCFL to help bring their ideas to life,” New Alchemy managing director Peter Vessenes said. “As a strategic partner and investor, we are excited to help trailblaze the future of sports by enabling fans from all over the world to experience managing a real team and see a direct impact from their decisions.”

Mr. Vessenes and New Alchemy will assist in developing the FCFL’s blockchain network and FAN Token ecosystem. Backed by a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, New Alchemy has vast expertise in helping businesses create and launch new tokens and crypto projects.

“New Alchemy’s experience and knowledge of the blockchain industry makes them a valuable partner for managing FAN Tokens and the online FCFL network,” FCFL co-founder and CEO Sohrob Farudi said. “We look forward to working together to give the power back to the fans and are excited to have Peter come on board as not only an advisor and strategic partner, but also as a keystone investor.”

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