Andries Bellemans

Skills shortage hurting blockchain growth? Industry weighs in

Recent news about Japan struggling to find enough coders for the growing cryptocurrency industry have led some to suggest the pace of blockchain’s mainstream adoption could be hindered by a talent shortage.

What does the industry think?

Gaurang Torvekar

“In the current market, finding and retaining blockchain talent is one of the most challenging things for any blockchain company. The blockchain community is active and flourishing only in some pockets in the world, such as London, New York, and Singapore to name a few. Although our company, Indorse, is based in Singapore, getting enough blockchain developers has always been an uphill task for us, and hence we had to hire from London and India as well. And all the ICOs raising tremendous amounts of money, and paying really high salaries to the developers doesn’t help while recruiting at all!

“A shortage of people with the requisite skills is not the only challenge though! Finding good and experienced developers, who know what they are doing is even more difficult. Our team has sifted through thousands of resumes over the last eight months, and we have been able to hire furor five good blockchain developers. That puts Indorse in a right position to push for skills validation and hence solve this unique problem in the industry as a whole.”

Gaurang Torvekar, CEO, and co-founder of Indorse, the decentralized social network for professionals

Nick Cowan

“We recognize that there is a talent deficit across the blockchain industry. Here in Gibraltar, the number of blockchain companies arriving compared to the relatively low number of those with skills or experience in blockchain is clear to see

“We believe that education and the development of a vibrant and knowledgeable community, not just here in Gibraltar, but globally, is the key to growing that talent pool. It’s not enough to compete for the current best talent, we all need to invest and grow the future talent. That is why we started a new Blockchain Innovation Centre. Only through initiatives like this that foster partnerships across public, private and education sectors can you execute the vision of facilitating breakthroughs within the global blockchain community.”

Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Andries Bellemans

“In the past few months, we have witnessed an influx of not only developer applications, but also a significant increase in the popularity of opportunities within marketing, design, and operations.  Apart from general excitement about the potential of the technology, many candidates applying to Lisk identify with our vision of making blockchain technology accessible to all.

“It’s really important for us to know that the new hires believe in our product as well as our mission. The diversity of experience brought by new hires from non-blockchain sectors is essential for the development of not only our company but the industry as a whole.”

Andries Bellemans, head of HR at Lightcurve, a blockchain consultancy overseeing all aspects of Lisk’s development

Gabriele Giancola

“Companies want to have a first-mover and competitive advantage through blockchain technology, and it is much better for them to be trailblazers than play catch up once the technology has been adopted. Everything is moving towards technological advancement with blockchain just one element of the wider technological landscape, and brands will need to hire more digital, tech-savvy people to help steer them in that direction.

“It makes sense for payments technology companies, for example, to be early adopters of blockchain technology. Payments is one of the very first use cases for blockchain technology, as exemplified by the growth in bitcoin’s popularity and the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, and as money is used every day, putting the payments process on the blockchain with little cost and adoption for everybody will be beneficial for credit card companies such as Mastercard.”

Gabriele Giancola, Co-founder, and CEO of blockchain-powered loyalty ecosystem qiibee, said:

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