Tim Draper-backed BitBounce launches CredoEx token exchange

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BitBounce this week launched CredoEx. It bills the new cryptocurrency exchange as the easiest way for token holders to trade the Credo token.

Since closing an $11.33 million ICO for Credo in September 2017, which was backed by prominent investors including Tim Draper, BitBounce now has more than 300,000 active users and 1,100,000 registered accounts. They are one of the few ICOs that has launched a product, gained significant traction and is adding thousands of new users everyday.

BitBounce is a service that allows you to charge people you don’t know a fee to deliver an email to your inbox. For you, this means a curated inbox of only 1) emails from people who you know and 2) emails that you’ve been paid to receive. BitBounce uses a cryptocurrency token called Credo, which is used to charge the fees to reach inboxes.

The company also facilitates incentivized email marketing through which emails can be sent with cryptocurrency amounts attached. BitBounce is still focused on expanding its consumer user base, which is growing rapidly. Its goal is to create a market for users to be rewarded for their attention. What BitBounce offers is a way for individuals to be directly rewarded for engaging with brands and marketing campaigns that are relevant to them.

Next quarter, BitBounce will release an enterprise version that facilitates large scale incentivized email marketing campaigns. This platform will provide enterprise users with a powerful way to engage directly with relevant customers and only pay when people engage with their company – whether through paid response or other digital interactions.

As BitBounce’s active user base continues to expand, the company has been approached by organizations looking to partner to reach new customers in meaningful and direct ways. CredoEx is the next step for BitBounce toward a future where individuals are compensated for attention. CredoEx will allow enterprises to more easily purchase Credo and perform incentivized email marketing campaigns, and will make consumers more likely to engage with their campaigns since the value of their tokens will be more readily realizable.

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