Jeff Parker

GECKO Governance announces Jeffrey P. Parker as advisor

GECKO Governance, a regtech regulatory solution for bank, ICO and fund financial compliance, has named Jeff Parker, former Thompson Financial CEO & Chairman and Founder of First Call, as an advisor.

“I see many strong links between my past businesses and GECKO Governance’s project,” Mr.Parker said. “First Call Corporation, for example, created, organised, and delivered new standards for the exchange of equity research. GECKO Governance now wants to do the same for the ICO and token sale space, and I am excited to be involved.”

Jeff Parker

In 1980, Mr. Parker founded Technical Data Corporation, which offered fixed income financial analytic services for the institutional investor community. Three years later, he set-up First Call Corporation, a provider of real-time broker-sourced industry research, earnings estimates, equity and corporate industry updates.  He sold them both to the Thompson Corporation in 1986.

By 1997, Mr. Parker had established a venture capital firm focusing on start-ups, as well as (Corporate Communications Broadcast Network), which was instrumental in facilitating direct communication between the investment community and public companies through the internet. He is an alumnus of Cornell University, having completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as an MBA there. He has been recognised as a foremost benefactor of the University, having founded the Parker Center for Investment Research at the Johnson School.

GECKO Governance aims to expand its existing service offering in bank and fund compliance by creating a platform that will ensure an ICO or token sale is regulatory compliant from start to finish. The GECKO Governance platform enables ICO and token sale projects to be vetted by investors, while providing an independent audit trail for regulators. It is implemented on a blockchain to ensure trusted, secure, decentralised compliance across the entire ecosystem of data providers and consumers.

“In the early days of the internet, my companies helped level the playing field by helping all stakeholders, large and small, communicate better together,” Mr. Parker said. “Advising on this project is a clear opportunity to do that all over again in an exciting new industry that is going to have applications so powerful they will change the world as we know it.”

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