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Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange welcomes AmaZix as sponsor firm

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The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has added AmaZix, a provider of community management services for blockchain and crypto projects, to its growing list of sponsor firms. This partnership will involve AmaZix performing due diligence on tokens applying to be listed on the GBX, guiding them through the listing process if successful, all the while ensuring only the best tokens and projects get listed.

“Since AmaZix’s foundation, we have constantly strived to meet our clients high expectations by continually expanding the services we offer,” AmaZix founding partner Jonas Carlsberg said. “Our mission is to assist blockchain projects, in whatever way we can, from concept through to post-ICO. Becoming a Sponsor Firm for the GBX is the next logical step in ensuring we can deliver the best possible value for the blockchain community.”

Nick Cowan

Alongside being exceptional community managers, AmaZix is also known for the thorough due diligence assessment it runs before onboarding any new projects. The assessment is a detailed, full evaluation of a project, including critical analysis of concept, team, competitive environment, and public presence.

“I see many strong links between our vision here at the GBX and that of AmaZix,” GBX CEO Nick Cowan said. “Their self imposed high standards and that they work with only the very best projects in the industry are traits we also aspire to.

“The Amazix team have a long track record of carrying out high quality research in advance of partnering with any new projects, and are best in class in this regard. The GBX  team is similarly committed to upholding high standards and creating a robust market with only the best quality tokens listed. Having sponsor firms that clearly promote the same values as us is vital to the success of the the GBX eco-system.”

The GBX’s sponsor firms are integral to the listing process. They help manage the application and listing process for launching a token sale on the exchange. The sponsor firms are responsible for preparing applications, guiding listings to market, and meeting continuing obligations after the initial sale. Sponsor firms serve as an additional layer of scrutiny and, in partnership with the listed token, take care of the ongoing exchange related obligations such as disclosure of relevant information to the GBX and the wider market.

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