DeepBrain Chain to build AI ecosystem in Silicon Valley

 DeepBrain Chain, an AI computing platform powered by blockchain, today announced the company’s plans to build an AI ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

The company promises to use its decentralized and distributed blockchain platform to pool together millions of nodes throughout the world to build an AI ecosystem that’s built and governed by all stakeholders and from which all stakeholders can benefit.

“It will be a jointly built, governed, and benefited ecosystem,” DeepBrain Chain CEO Feng He said.

DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Research Center is DeepBrain Chain Foundation’s first AI research center solely devoted to the development of cutting-edge AI technology. It works toward finding breakthroughs in the following areas:

Mining and training: Distributed AI clusters and workstations for DBC, Neural network large-scale parallel training
Structure: AI + Blockchain integration
Deep-learning algorithm: Communication-efficient learning of deep networks from decentralized data
Efficiency: Reinforcement learning to reduce energy consumption across the DBC network
AI applications: Distributed killer AI apps with unique differentiation, broad market and large business value, which will drive the fast adoption of DeepBrain Chain platform and ecosystem.

“DeepBrain Chain is at the golden crossroad of AI and Blockchain,” EVP and chief AI officer Dongyan Wang said. “We are going to build an AI + Blockchain ecosystem to significantly lower the entry barriers and costs of AI applications by securely sharing computing power, AI models and data on the blockchain.”

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