Anthony Di Iorio

Atari Platform Network welcomes Anthony Di Iorio

The development team behind the Atari Token and Atari Platform Network, Infinity Networks Limited, has announced the addition of honorary co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio to its blockchain project.

The Atari Platform Network aims to enable users to benefit from the value created through their time, effort and skill in games, digital entertainment and alternate realities. The goal of the platform is to provide developers and content creators with an environment where virtual services and property can deliver real world value to the estimated more than two billion people playing games annually. Mr. Di Iorio is one of the original founders of Ethereum and  is the founder and CEO of Decentral whose flagship product is the multi-platform, multi-currency digital wallet Jaxx. He now serves as honorary co-founder and initial investor in the Atari Platform Network.

Anthony Di Iorio

“We are delighted to be working with Anthony Di Iorio,” Infinity Networks co-founder Ron Dimant said. “His vision for the future of decentralized systems is very much aligned with our goals for the Atari Platform Network. Forty years after Atari released the VCS, Anthony’s investment in our team along with Atari’s alignment with our platform bolster our vision that Atari will once again change the world forever.”

In addition to Mr. Di Iorio, founders behind the Atari Platform Network include Frédéric Chesnais (CEO of Atari), Mr. Dimant (game industry entrepreneur), and Daniel Doll-Steinberg (global platform Innovator). The Atari Platform Network believes the four co-founders of the Atari Platform Network bring together an unrivalled set of skills, spanning computer gaming, secure content management platforms, blockchain and decentralized systems, with an iconic brand. They are joined by non-executive directors, Ian Livingstone CBE (co-founder Games Workshop and former executive chairman of Eidos) and Jez San OBE (founder of Funfair, ARC, Argonaut). By combining the skillsets of veteran game developers and experienced blockchain leaders, the Atari Platform Network believes it is well-positioned to deliver the revolution in game asset monetization they envisage.

“As someone who grew up in the Atari age, and who understands the importance of how products are designed and developed, it’s extremely encouraging to see teams with vast experience creating systems that are not just user-friendly, but scalable and functional,” Mr. Di Iorio said. “The Atari team has a truly-game-changing concept that I’m excited to be involved with. Over the past number of years, I have come across a considerable number of blockchain projects but have always found myself most interested in companies aiming to create new economic platforms and monetization models.”

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