Five ways to trust your staff

Owning a business is full of twists and turns, especially if you have reached the point of growth that requires you to hire employees. Bringing people into a business that you have risen and nurtured can be a scary prospect; one that requires you to learn to trust people that you have never met with your financial future. This is basically what you are doing when you bring other people into the business that you have started and grown from scratch. It’s going to be very hard for you to let go and allow for a little autonomy if you don’t trust the people who are working for you, so we’ve got five things that you can do to help them to earn your trust:

Give autonomy

People don’t like to be stood over while they work. You cannot possibly bring people into your business only to micromanage them every step of every task that you give them. You need to make sure that you give your staff enough rope for them to have fun with. This has to start at the very beginning when you are going through their training and security checks.

But not too much

Autonomy is great; it builds character and allows you to see who can push themselves to their deadlines. The thing is, if you give too much you can lose total control. The last thing that any employer wants is to miss the mark on their staff and end up hiring lawyers up against for embezzlement that you didn’t notice. Give your staff autonomy, but check in with them weekly, monitor the goals you’ve set together and get your IT team to do random checks on internet usage.

Bring in experts

The change for you from working by yourself to bringing in others to help you to raise your business to the successful company you wish for it to be is going to take time. Bringing in experts to help you to manage your new staff and liaise with you isn’t a sign of failure, but a sign that you want to grow and learn.

Be neutral

The biggest thing as an employer is to understand that your actions and your reactions to situations in the workplace are going to have an impact. If you moderate your reactions, you can ensure that you are responding to your staff in an appropriate way when they come to you with an issue.

Be consistent

Gaining the trust of people that you work with isn’t always going to be easy, and it isn’t always going to be easy to trust them, either. If you are consistent with your expectations, you all can be on the same footing, understanding what everyone wants and managing expectations together.

Trusting a group of people that you have never met isn’t the simplest thing to do, but it’s something that you must learn to do if you want your company to grow the right way.

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