Angie’s List founder joins Magilla Loans

Magilla Loans, a search engine for loans which connects borrowers to banks without requesting personal information, announced the appointment of Dr. Rao Unnava, one of the founders of Angie’s list and dean of UC Davis Graduate School of Management to its board of directors.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Unnava helped pave the way for the development and understanding of brand and consumer behavior. Having researched issues related to brand loyalty, consumer response to advertising, sales promotions, and consumer memory for more than three decades, Dr. Unnava was one of the founding investors of Angie’s List, an online directory that allows users to access and publish crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses and contractors.

“As soon as I saw the platform, I recognized Magilla is a groundbreaking, bold, yet uncomplicated, innovation – similar to my experience at Angie’s List – and wanted to be a part of taking the user experience to the next level,” said Dr. Unnava. “I look forward to taking on my new role and influencing the direction of the organization as Magilla continues to prioritize the needs of both the lender and borrower.”

Using patent-pending technology, Magilla’s platform connects a borrower anonymously to multiple lenders following responses to a set of questions. Once the loan application is submitted, borrowers can receive multiple loan proposals from numerous lenders – usually within 24 hours. If the borrower accepts a loan proposal, an introduction is made to the lender, which allows the borrower to remain in full control throughout the process.

“Dr. Unnava’s involvement will motivate us to provide meaningful solutions for consumers in a seamless manner,” Magilla Loans CEO Dean Souks said. “Having spent his career analyzing consumer satisfaction, we are certain he will help the company further understand and satisfy the demand for a one stop digital solution for loan access.”

Dr. Unnava serves on the board of the American Marketing Association and Bay Area Council, the largest business-centric public policy organization in the San Francisco region. He earned his Ph.D. in business administration from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, and his Post Graduate Diploma in management from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta. His work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research and Marketing Letters.

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