Unattended terminal growth opportunities significant: study

Seventy per cent of consumers want unattended terminals to accept both card and cash payments and a significant number are willing to use wearable devices or digital wallets at these locations, according to a survey of US, UK and Australian adults commissioned by Transaction Network Services (TNS).

TNS published the results in a new report called Who is Driving Adoption of Card Payments at Unattended Terminals?. This survey shines a spotlight on the number of people who use their credit or debit card at a variety of different types of unattended terminals, the countries with the greatest adoption levels and the willingness of consumers to accept a charge to use their card. It also looks at consumers’ security concerns and their interest in adopting new payment methods.

Some interesting findings include:

  • Men are the bigger adopters of card payments at unattended terminals;
  • More than 55 per cent of Australian adults use their credit or debit cards at unattended parking meters, kiosks and exit barriers;
  • UK use of credit/debit cards at kiosks or vending machines to buy food or drink has grown by one-third in the last two years;
  • 27 per cent of all respondents have already used their credit/debit cards at unattended terminals to purchase clothing
    US consumers exhibit the largest security concerns;
  • There is a significant preference for card use among the younger age groups, even if there is a charge.

“Our report shows significant promise for the unattended terminals market globally with consumer attitudes and behaviors creating an environment optimal for growth. In addition to expanding the locations and types of goods sold, there is a substantial opportunity to expand unattended terminals to accept new payment methods,” TNS’ general manager of finch solutions in the Americas Lisa Shipley said. “We found 36 per cent of consumers willing to make a payment at an unattended kiosk or vending machine using a wearable device, such as a bracelet or fitness tracker, including almost half of those aged 18 to 34. In addition, 57 per cent of this age group are also willing to make a payment at an unattended terminal using a digital wallet.”

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