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Kryon releases AI-based solution

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Kryon a provider of intelligent RPA solutions, today announced Process Discovery, a new AI-based solution.

Full automation can quickly be done in a single step, with companies seeing their organization’s processes mapped and yielding intelligent recommendations for automated workflows.

Harel Tayeb

Kryon Process Discovery is purpose-built to address the limits and pain points slowing the adoption and scale of RPA deployment.  Unlike process mining tools which work on a delay and examine logs, Kryon Process Discovery is built on a proprietary, AI-based platform that identifies business processes as employees actually engage with them. AI and machine learning enables Kryon Process Discovery to deliver intelligent automation recommendations based on expected ROI.  Enterprises can select how much of the process they wish to automate and with a single click, the automated workflow is immediately generated in the Kryon Studio.

“Process discovery is the breakthrough that the enterprise market has been waiting for – it’s a truly groundbreaking solution that offers enterprise management with a level of profound visibility into the everyday processes across the organization that determine competitiveness, productivity and employee engagement. This visibility leads to high-impact automation of existing workflows,” said Kryon CEO Harel Tayeb.  “Kryon was able to accomplish this by further advancing its leading-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, which have been at the heart of the productivity transformations we have already accomplished for clients such as Microsoft and Wyndham Hotel Group.”

“Process discovery takes out the difficulties and challenges in implementing RPA in our environment,” Wyndham vice president Janesh Patel said. “It’s core feature of thoughtfully gathering intelligence on what our agents perform daily and routinely; then providing a simple platform to automate will improve our speed to market on producing, developing, and maintaining RPA’s and help our company to perform better and provide our customers with a higher level of service.”

“The new solution will significantly reduce overhead, design and development costs while Kryon’s revolutionary AI engine will enable automation with almost zero human intervention and, faster than ever imagined,” Mr. Tayeb explained. “Kryon’s Process Discovery has all the insights needed to automate and optimize business processes.  This innovative product will remove the pain points from deploying RPA throughout business, resulting in the industry finally having an easy adoption method at an unprecedented total cost of ownership.”

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