Make money reading the news?

What if you could gain more than wisdom by reading the news? How about gaining digital currency?

Frankfurt-based MulTra GmbH, plans on doing just that. This week they introduced an Ethereum-based digital currency called MulTra Token (MTT) which can be earned and redeemed for real money when you read the news using its MulTra News App.

The MulTra News App will be a blockchain-powered news aggregator using AI to consolidate news based on a reader’s interests into a personalized experience. The app absorbs RSS feeds from major news publishers like Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times and others to display continuously updated news content.

“We developed the MulTra News App working with feedback from major international publishers to address the challenge of monetizing news content” said MulTra’s CEO Onik Mia, “News publishers will benefit as this is the first platform which pays people for reading news while guaranteeing 100% ad revenue to publishers at no-sign up cost.”

The AI-powered MulTra News App learns about readers preferences as they read in order to display them relevant content. Readers are paid into their in-app MulTra Wallet with MTT for reading, curating and engaging with news content.

The goal of the project is to encourage readers to consume news from authentic news publishers and financially support credible publishers. MulTra adds an economic dimension to the global daily habit of consuming news and aims to bring millions of people globally into the world of digital currencies for the first time!

These earned MTT can be exchanged for money through cryptocurrency exchanges or can be used to pay for premium content subscriptions from news publishers like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and many others.

MulTra has recently launched its ICO in order to attract early investors and roll-out the product across multiple markets later this year. Early adopters can participate at and find additional information about the project.

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