How to make a perfect site for a small business

When you do not have a website for your small business it means that there are some potential online customers you are losing.

The common excuse for creating an online presence being too expensive or complicated is now invalid. There are many pocket-friendly and easy-to-use website builders you can use to create a good site for your business or custom essay writing service.

Here are five effective steps to help you create a perfect site for a small business

Choose a domain name: the first thing you should think about is the name you will wish to call you small business on the web. To get started, you need to search for the availability of your business name. If you sign up to a website creator, search for a domain name and get directed to a registration page, then just know that your domain name is still available for you. When your name is unavailable, then you need to adjust the small business name. Preferably, use the .com version in case the name is available since it looks more professional than others like .net, .info and .org.

Select the best platform and hosting company to use: a hosting company is simply an online room where all your website content will be stored. The platform you select should be willing to give you enough disk space and security for your content. Moreover, no one wishes their content to be stolen or interrupted with. The hosting platform should also be available 24/7 for you to contact them in case you are stranded about something. Having a stable site in terms of connections and servers gives you an assurance that your website will be visible in search engine quickly.

Make an outline of your website content: there a recommendable standard format that websites need to follow. When your website includes four fundamental pages (homepage, products and services, about us and contact us), the visitor will find the credibility of your offers. When including these elements, do not just rush at formatting every page. Only focus on adding some texts and images or videos.

On the homepage, you need to introduce your business to your audience. This piece of information includes the demographic location of your business and why you think your website will be of benefit to people visiting your website.

On the ‘product and service’ page, think of adding all the necessary details regarding the service and product offered on your site. When you have multiple products or services being offered, give a description of every offer in two to three sentences.

The ‘about us’ page should include a background information about your business. This part is more appealing when you include customer reviews and any information that proves to customers that you are incredible and can be trusted.

In the ‘Contact us’ page, include your physical address, email address, phone number and your availability in terms of hours or days. Also, include social media (like Facebook and Twitter) links. Include all these indicate to the customer that you’re legit and willing to be contacted at any time to serve customers.

Design your logo: your site’s pages and logo should be consistent. This is also determined by the template you choose. All fonts, colours and style of your logo should symbolize what you offer. You can create a digital file and a high-resolution logo using various ways;

First, you can create this yourself. There are much effective and easy to use Logo designing software. Some of them are free while others are given to you on paid plans.

Secondly, you can employ someone to do it for you. There are expert freelancers who are specialized in logo designing. These freelancers work on a wide selection of website designing hence will be the best if given chance to.

Create your website: after all sections of your website have been included, it is now time to start putting them together to make them appear nice on your website. Most website visitors will take approximately three seconds to decide if they will stay or quit your site. So to make them stay, it is significant that you create a good impression of your small business on the home page.

Here are three importance of creating a perfect site for your small business

  • Visitors navigate easily: you will not want your website visitor to get lost trying to find products or services you offer. So making a clear and easy to use navigation bar is important for effective visitors ‘engagement. When a visitor doesn’t know how to locate basic elements like pricing or contact page, they will easily get frustrated and leave your site.
  • Visitors are likely to take the desired action easily: when clear CTA buttons are implemented, visitors will find it easy and get attracted to click it. Moreover, this assists to lead visitors to the desired page you wish them to view.
  • A website visitor will surf easily: many people visiting your site will be impatient if it keeps then waiting while loading slowly. In most cases, visitors expect an average website to take a second to load and nothing more than that. There are website plugins you can use to make your site load quickly.

Examples of good sites for small business

Bluehost: This is the most versatile hosting platform to use for your small business website. With the platform, you can register for a domain name, get a professional email address and host your site also. Moreover, their pricing options are affordable compared to other platforms like Bluehost offers a starter pack of $2.75 per month which is an amazing charge for beginners fixed on budget.

Weebly: this platform is easy to use and offer more personalized customer support compared to other sites like This is the most effective option to choose when you have less knowledge about website building. The customer support team will only ask for simple information you need to include on your site and everything will be made easy for you to start. However, the pricing option ($12 per month) is higher than Bluehost and the charge does not include a domain name or professional email address.

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