CEO Jake Tyler

Finn AI joins Temenos MarketPlace

Temenos (SIX: TEMN), a banking software company, today announced the launch of Finn AI on Temenos MarketPlace, Temenos’ platform for facilitating the exchange of value between fintech providers and financial institutions.

Finn AI, which is working with financial institutions such as Bank of Montreal, provides banking customers with an AI-powered personal banking and financial management assistant. The solution, built solely for the financial services industry, benefits from deep banking domain knowledge and is available and running in multiple languages.

The two have been working together for almost a year. Finn AI took part in the Innovation Jam series in 2017, winning the Miami Jam and taking part in the final in Lisbon. Like other winners, such as EdgeLab and Blue Code, the solution has been pre-integrated with Temenos award-winning Suites and is now being made available on MarketPlace.

CEO Jake Tyler

“The Innovation Jam competition, which has just concluded for 2018, is a great way to uncover the most exciting finch companies,” Temenos chief strategy officer Ben Robinson said. “Finn AI, which won Innovation Jam Miami last year, is one such company, allowing bank customers to conduct banking using simple conversation over their preferred channels. The solution has continued to evolve since then and is it now available on MarketPlace.”

“We evolve the way bank customers interact with their banks, providing them with a conversational personal banking assistant that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create an experience that is relevant and modern,” Finn AI CEO Jake Tyler said. “Finn AI allows bank customers to manage and learn from their money via their channel of choice – such as Facebook Messenger, native iOS and Android apps, web chat and others. Since we only work with banks, we have built a clear domain expertise that allows us to integrate faster with better results. We look forward to bringing this solution to Temenos clients all over the world.”

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