Bill Safran

Vizolution’s vScreen lets customer choose the channel

While early attempts at streamlining customer contact interactions centered on properly directing and answered calls, vScreen, a new solution from Vizolution takes that process several iterations into the future, CEO Bill Safran said.

Originally founded in the United Kingdom, Vizolution has expanded to Toronto and added a significant presence in four American cities, where they are hunting big game.

Bill Safran

“We are targeting large contact centers where we can streamline complex customer journeys,” Mr. Safran began.

If a modern customer contact strategy is to succeed, it needs to be omnichannel so it can adapt to a range of customer preferences which can even change within one customer depending on their location when initiating an interaction. More complex transactions could involve multiple calls from different devices, so a company has to have a strong offering across those many options. Financial services, utilities and telcos need to have a strong and varied presence, Mr. Safran said.

If those companies are older, they could have a few obstacles to overcome. New technology must address communication silos that arise between departments. Just as important are the psychological ones employees can erect when they resist change due to poor notice, lack of training or competition between departments.

Smart companies use technology to transform what are often the most difficult customer interactions, Mr. Safran said. Those highly complex but rare transactions such as bereavement-related service cancellations can be channeled to a centralized area of excellence specifically equipped to tactfully handle such matters.

Improved technology also reduces the number of interactions, while increasing customer satisfaction, Mr. Safran explained. Secure document storage and signature clicks eliminate breaks from the process and positively impact revenue and conversion rates. One Vizolution customer saw a 45 per cent improvement in conversion rates, Mr. Safran added.

“If you can make life easier for the customer they’re happy,” Mr. Safran said.

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